From the Mamas

Where Do I Begin?

Where do I begin? From the very beginning, Kelly, you have been kind, gracious and comforting. I am so very grateful God blessed us with you and your wonderful team. Thank you for everything - from the beautiful stay at the cottage, to the wisdom you use in caring for us! God bless you!

Heather Baluch
Branson, MO

Forever Grateful

Dear Kelly, I will forever be grateful for your presence and support during my pregnancy, labor and the delivery of my sweet baby, Elijah. Your encouragement, knowledge, and ability to bring peace to the room are attributes so lovely and admirable to me. Birth is such a miraculous event in a woman's life, and getting to that point in time when I am holding my beautiful gift from the Lord is no easy task for me. Nevertheless, your patience and benevolent guidance throughout has been unforgettable to me in reaching that momentous occasion. You have touched my life with such great magnitude through your tremendous support, inspiring hope and trust in the Lord, your lovingkindness and communicating encouragement throughout our time together. I am moved by your thoughts and actions during Elijah's delivery! While this chapter of our predictable togetherness has come to an end, it will serve a permanent place in my heart with great fondness and gratitude.

Ashley Williams
Mansfield, MO

Couldn't Have Been Better

Having our baby at home with Kelly was an amazing experience for my wife and myself. It couldn't have been any better. Kelly and Joanna were very knowledgeable and their experience shows!! Would definitely use them again if we have more children. Thanks again Kelly!

Casey & Sarah Swier
Branson, MO

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

I used Special Deliveries Midwifery for my seventh baby’s pregnancy/birth, but it was my very first midwife assisted birth. I had such an amazing experience, and I so wish I had used a midwife with my other six kiddos! Kelly is so incredibly sweet and kind, and she really cares about my well-being and overall health - not “just” pregnancy related health. Kelly spends time explaining things and why certain symptoms happen and ways I can help boost my body’s immune system during pregnancy, ways to ease symptoms or eliminate them altogether, etc. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from her, and she’s always been available when I had questions or concerns, and was honest with me and helpful to me every time. When I went into labor, Kelly respected my wishes and waited until I said it was okay to come before arriving, and she and her awesome assistant stayed with me all night long while I labored. She was amazing, and even when things got a little trickier, she was calm and collected and got everyone working to fix me up immediately. I never felt undermined or like I didn’t have a say in what I did or how I moved/labored/pushed, she always asked my permission before touching me, and always explained what was going on. It was a completely different (in a great way) experience from my previous hospital births, where my OB just dashed in and out and everything was rushed and streamlined to keep the schedules flowing. I felt extremely well cared for, and I never felt like I was being a burden to her, or that she was in a hurry to get out of here, even when I knew she had another momma needing her soon. We originally had chose Kelly, out of other midwiferies in the area, because we found her pricing to be the most affordable, and because she was located the closest to our home. Now, I’m so glad we chose her, regardless of either of those reasons, because she became a great friend during these months! It really meant a lot to me, too, that she prayed for me and my baby, and prayed over us before delivery. I highly recommend this midwifery service to anyone in the area! Kelly goes above and beyond the call of duty, is kind and caring, very affordable, professional and knowledgeable, and just overall a great human being.

Jennifer Dill
Labanon, MO

Kelly Believed in Me

I appreciate Kelly's calm and reassuring nature. She is a very knowledgeable midwife! Kelly believed in me; even when I thought I couldn't, she knew I could!

Lacey Mead
Marshfield, MO

An Incredible Experience

I’m 22 & a first time mom! I knew I wanted a more natural route but it seemed so intimidating! I stayed with a traditional hospital until around 25 weeks.. but my gut just kept telling me to go with what I truly wanted. A natural home birth. So I began researching midwifery’s in my area & I stumbled upon Kelly's page! Reading about who she is/what she believes in & the past experiences other moms have had with her… I knew I found something special! I asked for more information & she instantly got back with me & set up a time to come meet my husband & I! From that first visit at our kitchen table, I knew I made a good decision. Kelly made me feel educated & comfortable. Two things that were so important to me.

On Christmas Eve 2021, I was able to deliver my first born… our beautiful daughter in the comfort of my own home! It was a long labor. & (like every birth) things didn’t happen exactly how I planned them! (But, God planned them that way!) Every hour & every crazy turn that that night held, Kelly walked me through it. Her back pressure & her breathing techniques were so helpful! & I loved that she was able to teach my husband exactly how to do both, so he could help me through! It was a mountain to climb AND I DID IT!… I owe so much of that to Kelly. I can’t wait to tell my daughter of the incredible day she was born & the amazing people who helped her get here.

Samantha Godfrey
Branson, MO

A Perfect Birth!

Thank you Kelly for taking care of me and my little Amariah during my pregnancy. Thank you for praying for me and Amariah! This was my first time having a midwife and I couldn’t have chosen a better person to be my midwife. Thank Yah that He brought us to you! Thank you for always going out of your way to take care of myself and Amariah. From providing vitamins, answering questions, and even sleeping out in your car, you always went above and beyond to help. We had Amariah during the Feast of Tabernacles in my camper! All glory and honor to Yah! As Amariah was being born, there was only one star in the sky, shofars were sounding and an eagle was flying over my camper! It was perfect! Thank you Kelly for helping make this birthing experience one to remember.“Amariah, Yah’s Promise”
Psalm 127:3 Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Cathey Mosley
Lebanon, MO

A Wonderful Birth Experience!

I loved Kelly’s calm and relaxed manner in dealing with things. During labor she knew exactly what I needed at the right time, which made for a wonderful birth experience! I am so thankful that I could ask questions day and night during my pregnancy and she was always available. Kelly is very knowledgeable and always had answers to my questions.  I loved my prenatal visits with her. Measuring the growth of my little baby and hearing the heartbeat is always so exciting! I had a lovely labor and birth. I’m so thankful Kelly was my midwife!

Charis Smith
Marshfield, MO

Two Thumbs up to Kelly!

My homebirth with Kelly exceeded my expectations, especially being able to have a waterbirth. I am so thankful she had the birthing pool available! It was so much easier to give birth in the water. I appreciate Kelly’s care for me all the way through the process. Not only that she cared for my physical state, but emotionally and spiritually too. I appreciate Kelly taking time to answer all my questions and giving me books and resources on things I needed to know. She is a very knowledgeable midwife, and knew exactly what to do about my baby being born with the cord around his neck, and in giving me a shot to help my bleeding. I want to give two thumbs up to Kelly as our midwife! If you are in the Springfield area and are in need of a caring, experienced, professional and simply wonderful midwife, she’ll be happy to assist you :) My husband and I are so grateful for her. She is an answer to our prayers! What a blessing!

Natalia Dryer
Branson, Mo

Thankful the Lord led us to Kelly

My husband and I are thankful that the Lord led us to Kelly for our midwife and for the smooth birth we had. Kelly is knowledgeable and her Christian faith is a huge blessing. Her hands off approach was good. I was not required to do anything I didn’t want to such as using a doppler or having an ultrasound. Kelly went out of her way to help us, even driving us around and recommending activities. Having experienced 11 births herself makes her more knowledgeable than most.

Joy Slavas
Ava. MO

Kelly Brightened up my Day!

I loved having Kelly as my midwife. I always looked forward to her visits. Somehow she always brightened up my day! I like her quick sense of humor and enjoyed the heart to heart talks we shared. She always listened to any concerns I might have. Kelly’s calm and easy going nature helped me to stay more calm and relaxed during labor and afterwards knowing me and our baby were well cared for.

Barbara Glick
Conway, MO

Fabulous Midwife!

Kelly is a fabulous midwife. I felt well taken care of throughout my pregnancy and well prepared for my first birth. She is knowledgeable, gentle, supportive, patient, organized and encouraging. And she gives the best back pressure during labor! :) I had a wonderful and amazing birth experience with Kelly!

Agniya Grieve
Ava, MO

Three Beautiful Births!

I love the beauty of giving birth to my babies in the comfort and safety of my home! I am thankful to say that Kelly Fournier is my sweet Mama and has been my primary midwife for all three of my pregnancies and births. She has definitely made each experience a memory to treasure. Mom has been there for me throughout each pregnancy to answer my thousands of questions, guide me in health and self-care, and a source of encouragement and strength.  I very much appreciate her gentleness and understanding and her wealth of information! I couldn’t ask for a better midwife!

Naomi Parsons
Nixa, MO