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Welcome to Special Deliveries Midwifery Services. My name is Kelly Fournier. I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), in the Springfield, Missouri area, offering home birth services with a Christian-based philosophy. My husband Steve and I have been blessed to raise our 11 wonderful children over the course of our 40 years of marriage. We have 32 extraordinary grandchildren, most of which I have had the honor of delivering at home. I am passionate about my faith, my family, my friends and my pregnant mothers and babies.

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My Services Include

Prenatal Care

You will receive routine prenatal care throughout your pregnancy starting around twelve weeks. Monthly prenatal visits will allow me to monitor the health and well-being of you and your baby.

Home Birth Delivery

After labor begins, I will come to your home. I will be there to monitor vital signs, give guidance, encouragement and more as you work towards the birth of your baby!

Postpartum Care

I will come to your home for your initial postpartum visit. After that, we will meet at my cottage for postpartum exams. These visits include newborn exam, monitoring mom's healing, breast feeding evaluation, and more.

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Now Offering

SneekPeak - 6 week Gender Test

You don’t have to wait for a 20-week ultrasound to find out your baby's gender!  I am now offering a blood test gender reveal that you can take at my clinic as early as 6 weeks! Results can be received as soon as 24 hours after the test has been submitted. SneakPeek blood tests are the #1 OBGYN-recommended gender test that tells you over 99% accuracy.

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Meet Kelly Fournier, CPM

My name is Kelly Fournier. I am a Certified Professional Midwife. I graduated from Mercy In Action’s College of Midwifery. I am a Certified Birth Educator and have taken Birth Emergency Skills Training. I am CPR and NRP certified. I trained under two home birth CPMs in Tennessee, working into the position of active midwife’s assistant and eventually into a primary midwife role. I continued my apprenticeship, working as a primary under supervision with two CPMs in Missouri, and completed my training in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania working with two CPMs at one of the largest midwifery practices in the United States. I am certified by the North American Registry of Midwives and legally practice in the state of Missouri.

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Information On Home Birth

Risks and Benefits of Home Birth

There are benefits and risks in delivering your baby at home.  Women who deliver at home are not exposed to the infections that are present in hospitals... Read More

Postpartum and Newborn Instructions

You should not soak more than one pad in 30 min., or 2 pads in 1 hour.  If you do, empty your bladder, massage your uterus so that it remains firm and contracted, then nurse your baby... Read More

What to Expect

I will help answer questions about your health, your family health, and this pregnancy.  I will also keep records and document each visit... Read More

Newborn Screening

There are three parts to newborn screening: Metabolic screening of the newborn is used to detect metabolic birth defects... Read More

Consultation Visit

At your initial prenatal visit, I will answer any questions you have about my midwifery services and what a home birth will look like for you and your family, and address any other questions you may have.

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